Sunday, 14 August 2016

Save Your Selfie

"Love yourself exactly how you are today, as everything could change tomorrow" 

A few weeks ago FakeBake got in touch with me asking to write a blog post on their campaign called Save Your Selfie. Save Your Selfie is a campaign by FakeBake, RAFT and CoppaFeel; a breast cancer charity. Not only for those affected by cancer, Fake Bake, RAFT and CoppaFeel are asking women across the nation to take a selfie, captioning it with their own body confidence, self-esteem, physical health or mental wellbeing story.

The wonderful people at FakeBake decided to send me a little confidence kit to make me look selfie ready in no time! The kit included a fake tan and bath fizz. The first thing I decided to use was the fake tan which smelt A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! It is probably one best smelling fake tans out there, it smelt kind of like coconuts but also of something else which I just can't seem to figure out. Before I went to bed I applied the fake tan to my neck and face then in the morning and then every other day I topped it up a bit until I got my desired tan. I then used the bath fizz which again, smelt wonderful!

The campaign has been launched by Fake Bake founder Sandra Vaughn after she recently battled her own a recent breast cancer diagnosis. Finding that there was very little information about how to make yourself feel, and look good during gruelling cancer treatment, Sandra has taken it upon herself to lead the way. Since the campaign is about women sharing their own stories about dealing with their own body confidence, self-esteem, physical health or mental wellbeing, I thought that I would share mine with you:

I have never exactly been thin or had a thigh gap, or any of them "body goals" everyone seems to dream of. I have always been much more taller than all of my classmates and more often or not felt like I'm a lot bigger (in weight) than all of them. I remember sitting in my classes or taking part in my P.E lessons thinking of how much easier it would be if I just shrunk a few inches and lost a couple of pounds and always shying away from buying clothes in front of friends just in case they found out that I was a size 16 not a 10/12, like them. However, I've learnt to accept that everyone is different, not everyone has the same body type and structure as each other  and the size of someones clothes shouldn't matter and deflect from their personality.  The thing that gives me the most confidence is when I buy new clothes knowing that size doesn't matter and I will look great in what I wear! I also find that if my make up is looking great I also feel great too!

Save your selfie is based on inspiration and aims to empower you, encouraging you to love yourself, look after yourself and speak out about what makes you feel confident. So get on Instagram, FaceBook, Twitter and any other social media website and share your story! 

*This post features items that were sent to me, all opinions are my own.

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Saturday, 23 July 2016

The Magic Lip Potion

Since having plumper looking lips is all the fashion at the moment, I was over the moon to be sent a  lip gloss which makes your lips appear to be more fuller looking.  The lip gloss comes in a little box and inside the box there are some tips on how you could wear the lip volumising gloss, for example you could; use a lip pencil to make your lips appear to have more of a natural glossy look when wearing the product.  I also love how a tester of Transformulas® Anti-ageing, gold powder cream was popped inside of the box so you can get to try a little bit of something else as well as what you have bought. 

The promise from Transformulas when used as directed;

• Increased lip size by moisturising 

•  Plumper lines

•  Reduces fine lines

• Deeper hydration

• Defined and more contoured lips

• Softer, more seductive feel 

I decided to apply the lip gloss as directed on the back of the packaging, which was three times a day. The gel starts working almost immediately after being applied and as soon as you put it on a slight cooling tingly sensation occurs. The best way I can describe it is the way your mouth feels after eating a mint and having a nice cold water after (I tried... ok?) After around 5 minutes you can start to see something happening and before you know it, you have the perfect pout! I like how they have put the gel in a small 10ml tube which comes with its own applicator meaning throughout the day you can just top up and it isn't just something you can only use at home. The gel also smells of After Eights which always remind me of Christmas and good memories!

Priced at £29.95 I wouldn't say it's something that could be bought monthly and more like a product that should be used with care and not recklessly. However, the price definitely reflects upon how good the product actually is and I'd say it's a product you should consider if you want bigger, plumper lips just without the pain of  needles. The gel comes in three different flavours/scents: original, cherry and chocolate so there is basically a flavour for everyone no matter what your tastes are.

The Transformulas Volumising lip gel is available from their online store here. It is also available from Boots (take a look here). Overall I'd recommend this to anyone who is wanting non painful, temporary plump lips. 

* The product featured in this post has been sent to me, all opinions are my own.